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ESA is receiving increasing reports of unapproved electrical products being sold in Ontario.  ESA warns the Ontario public that unapproved electrical products present a high-risk of potential electrical shock and fire hazards.  When purchasing electrical products always look for recognized certification agency marks.

Examples of these include:

Recognized Certification Markings


Recognized Component Certification Markings



Note: Electrical components bearing these marks may have restrictions on their performance or may be incomplete in construction, and are intended to be used as part of a larger approved product or system. The Component Recognition marking is found on a wide range of products, including some switches, power supplies, printed wiring boards, some kinds of industrial control equipment and thousands of other products.

Recognized Field Evaluation Agency Markings


Recognized Panel-Only* Field Evaluation Agency Markings



* NOTE: “PANEL ONLY” label identifies that the panel has been evaluated to the SPE-1000. It does not cover equipment that is added or connected to the panel.