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Here at Ring Electric, we have decades of experience in replacing knob and tube wiring with efficient and environmentally-friendly alternatives. In replacing these systems, homeowners must take several elements into consideration. And so, within this latest post, Ottawa electricians Ring Electric will identify the considerations to review when replacing knob and tube wiring in the home.

  1. The redesign work

REPLACING KNOB AND TUBE WIRINGOne of the most challenging elements in replacing inefficient knob and tube wiring is the home redesign work that must take place in building the replacement system. The specialists used for this work must be able to redesign the entire system to support the property’s lighting demands in the future. They must take into consideration the peaks within the power use and ensure the design is robust enough to instill lighting stability within the home for the coming years. This means property owners should speak with their lighting expert about the redesign project and the company’s design experience.

  1. Safety Risks

In working with a lighting specialist, property owners should consider the safety risks inherent in lighting replacement services. Knob and tube systems are highly unstable and were replaced due to the electrical and fire hazards they pose within the family home. That’s why it’s important to speak with the service provider about their work and how they plan to mitigate the safety risks involved. The company must train their team to use the latest installation products safely, and to identify potential risks in the home before these risks cause serious injury or damage to property. By building a structured safety plan, teams can safeguard the homeowner against any potential challenges.

  1. The Timeline

The timeline for the project should be plotted with the lighting specialist to determine the optimal times for all members of the family. If the home is to be used in the coming days for an important event, it’s critical that lighting experts understand the deadline so they can formulate a plan to complete the work ahead of that time. Ensure that the entire timeline is communicated effectively to keep the lighting company and members of the family on the same page in terms of the project schedule.

Our trusted lighting experts are here to guide you in ensuring a successful project when replacing knob and tube wiring. To discover more about this process, or book a consultation with our team, please contact us today at 613-421-4442.