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Surge Protection

For Your Home & Small Business

Ottawa Hydro and Hydro One recommends that you have the proper surge suppression device installed for protection of your personal electrical equipment.

There are many uncontrollable factors that can cause power outages. These include adverse weather conditions and accidental contact with power lines by construction equipment, vehicles or wildlife. When power distribution is affected, there is a potential for an onrush of current — which can occur during the disturbance, during operation of the utility protection equipment, and when power is restored.

This onrush, or power surge, is usually caused by a brief voltage fluctuation. It typically ranges from 500 to 1,000 volts and hits a component designed to withstand only 120 volts. Even though it might last only a fraction of a second, such a surge can damage delicate parts commonly found in all electronic devices, including your computer, home entertainment system, telephone, appliances and security system.  In the case of your computer, a power fluctuation can disrupt software, erase valuable data and damage the hard drive, printer, modem and other related equipment.

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