Ring Electric | Installing Pot Lights with Ring Electric Installing Pot Lights with Ring Electric

Ring Electric is helping property owners capitalize on the many benefits of installing pot lights in their home. Our licensed electricians offer one of Ottawa’s leading installation services. We work efficiently to help minimize the homeowner’s costs and to safeguard their investment in pot lighting systems.

Here’s why Clients Choose Ring Electric for Pot Light Installation:

  • Our team is trained and experienced

As a licensed electrical contractor, our work is backed with an Electrical Inspection Certificate from the Ontario Electrical Safety Authority. All work is completed by our professional licensed electricians and exceeds the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. Hiring Ring Electric Inc., an ACP contractor member in good standing, provides you with the confidence that our work is code compliant.

  • We offer affordable services

Our team members at Ring Electric understand the budgetary concerns of the modern homeowner. We’re able to respond to these concerns by offering affordable services throughout Ottawa. This ensures that homeowners achieve the ideal lighting solution while minimizing their costs.

  • We provide expert guidance

Selecting the ideal form of recessed lighting for the home is not always simple. We can help homeowners pinpoint the ideal pot lights for their property, including the latest innovations in LED pot lighting for affordable performance in the long-term.

  • We’re recognized throughout the business community

As experienced specialists, we offer a dependable service that is recognized throughout the business community. Our commitment to communication with property owners and our affordable pricing means we’ve achieved an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 98% approval rating on HomeStars.com.

Our team here at Ring Electric are the experts for installing pot lights in homes across Ottawa. Simply call us today at 613-421-4442 to begin your installation project.