Car Charger Installations

An electric vehicle (EV) is any vehicle that is partially or entirely powered by electricity and plugs in to recharge. Ottawa only has 5 charging stations throughout the city, therefore 95% of electric car charging is done at home. All electric cars have an “onboard charger” in the car itself, though simply plugging into the wall wont charge your car very fast – approx. 4 miles of charge or driving range in one hour of charging. If you want to charge faster you probably want a home “electric vehicle service equipment” aka (EVSE).

An EVSE home charging station is considered any device which brings AC power to your car where it is then turned into DC power and fills your car’s batter via the onboard charger. Note: most home charges require a minimum 30 to 50 amp breaker. There are different levels for plug in hybrid chargers.

  • Level 1 – 120V 1.4kW – 4.5 miles of range/hr
  • Level 2 – 240V 3.8kW or 7.2kW – 12 miles of range/hr

Note: Charge times can vary based on vehicle and/or environmental conditions.

When installing outdoors, its important to have a certified electrician hardwire your EVSE to ensure you are provided with the best protection from the elements for the connection to power safely.

The Ontario government offers the “Electric vehicle charging incentive program” which covers up to $1,000 of the cost to purchase + install a charging station for your home or business by a liscenced electrical contractor.