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ECOMBI Storage Heaters

ECOMBI is a new efficient heating system that both controls electricity consumption and optimises heat management. Our system is the most economical of the electric storage heating solutions available in the market.

Please call 613-421-4442 or e-mail admin@ringelectric.ca to purchase or for more information. We offer installation services as well.

The ECOMBI Smart System assesses energy consumption and heat loss in the room every day in order to establish the heat needs precisely and effectively adjusting the energy required. The arrival of ECOMBI is a real revolution in traditional heating systems. ECOMBI optimizes control of the energy running costs, while providing maximum comfort. This electric heating system adapts to your daily needs whatever the weather conditions.


► Silent performance.
► Temperature sensor with calibration option.
► Overheating protection at storage heating.
► Safety thermostat with manual reset.
► Convector heating element made of Aluminium.
► Storage heating elements made of stainless steel.
► Microtherm G 12mm insulation, vermiculite and ecological fibre.
► Front, side and rear air isolating chambers.
► Storage core made of a specially designed material for ECOMBI.
► Steel structure powder coated in epoxy RAL 9010.
► Robust plastic fittings.
► Easy to install on any kind of wall.
► Very intuitive keyboard with lock option.
► Compatible with two-period off peak electric tariff in a single 24-hour interval.
► Daily and weekly programming.
► Deferred storage energy option.
► Storage, Combined storage, Convection, Frost protection and Automatic ECOMBI operation modes can be set up.
► Weekly programming.
► Visual alarm.

Convector power* 450W 600W 900W 1200W
Storage heater power 985W 1310W 1960W 2620W
Charging (8h) 7.9 kWh 10.5 kWh 15.7 kWh 21.0 kWh
Connection 240 V ~ 60Hz 240 V ~ 60Hz 240 V ~ 60Hz 240 V ~ 60Hz
Length 55cm (21.5”) 66cm (26”) 89cm (35”) 111cm (43.5”)
Height 73cm (28.5”) 73cm (28.5”) 73cm (28.5”) 73cm (28.5”)
Depth 18cm (7”) 18cm (7”) 18cm (7”) 18cm (7”)
Weight 57kg(126 lbs) 76kg (168 lbs) 111kg (245 lbs) 147kg (324 lbs)
Insulation Class I Class I Class I Class I
Num. of bricks 7,5kg (16.5lbs) 8 12 16
Num. of bricks 11,3kg (25lbs) 4
Brick package ref. 11072 11016 11016 11016

*Storage heater elements and convector element will never operate at the same time