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Many older home still use the traditional knob and tube electrical systems that were prevalent before the 1950s. These systems have numerous disadvantages for the modern homeowner and many are now seeking out a specialist for the replacement of knob and tube electrical components. Here at Ring Electric, we’re Ottawa’s electrical experts in the replacement of knob and tube electrical systems and in this latest post we’ll explain a little more about our service.

We Offer a Free Quote

When homeowners contact Ring Electric for their wiring requirements, we offer a free quote. This ensures homeowners have a full understanding of the price for the service and on the length of time they can expect their electrical work to take.

We Complete Professional Work

Ring Electric is the local expert for all Ottawa knob and tube electrical work. We work with homeowners to help them analyze their property and determine their rewiring needs, and our crew of licensed electricians have the experience to complete the work efficiently.

We Utilize the Latest Equipment

Our comprehensive understanding of knob and tube systems means we can respond to any home electrical challenge. We use the latest systems to identify the structure of the home’s electrical systems and then install a new wiring system designed to help ensure safe electricity is available to family members throughout the home.

We Work Safely

As one of the foremost companies within the region, we practice the highest levels of safety in our work. Each member of our team has undergone comprehensive training to help guide them in completing wiring work. And we always have multiple workers on-site during the work to ensure that effective safe procedures are being followed.

We Respect the Home

In each home that we work, we take great care when replacing knob and tube wiring. We begin our work by conducting a throughout review of the home and identifying any safety risks. We then utilize our understanding on the repair process to mitigate these risks and ensure the home is in peak condition at the time our team leaves the area.

We Thrive on Communication

Communication is an important value within Ring Electric. We empower our team members in communicating effectively with homeowners as well as their coworkers to ensure work is completed to the highest of standards. It’s the reason so many property owners have experienced transformative results in working with our team.

Our experts at Ring Electric are here to guide you in safeguarding your home and replacing all knob and tube electrical infrastructure. We offer superior quality workmanship and the highest safety levels in the industry. To learn more about our service or book a consultation, contact our qualified experts now at 613-421-4442.