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Generator back-up systems provide property owners with a means of emergency support during blackout events within their homes and offices. The systems are designed to activate the moment the main electrical system loses power. But to ensure they activate effectively each time, it’s important to understand the process for installing and maintaining back-up generator systems. In this latest post, we’ll provide a guide on the installation and maintenance process.

Have an Isolation Device Installed Before Installation

In order to ensure the safety of your property’s back-up generators, you’ll need to have an isolation device installed. The isolation device works to disconnect the property’s power from the grid while the generator is operating, and vice versa. The device should be installed by a professional with years of experience in installing and maintaining generator back-up systems.

Locate the Generator Far Away from the Home

You should never locate the generator inside your home. It should be located away from the property and specifically away from home windows. That’s because the exhaust from the systems contains a high level of carbon monoxide, which can be dangerous to human health.

Use Heavy-Duty Cords for Outdoor Use

When connecting your backup generators to the home, make sure you use heavy-duty cords that are specifically-designed for outdoor use. You should also ensure that the voltage rating for the cord exceeds the cumulative voltage of all the devices connected to it, otherwise you may experience a fire or an electrical issue while operating your backup generator.

Use a Damp Cloth to Clean Generator Often

After installation, it’s important to carefully consider all maintenance tasks for the generator. Use a damp cloth to clean the surfaces of the generator, and try to use a soft brush to remove any caked-on substances. It’s also important that you run your generator every few months to ensure that it’s in working order ready for emergencies in the future.

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