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As the weather changes and the temperature begins to drop off, you’ll begin to turn to your homes HVAC heating system to remain comfortable. However, the issue here is there may be times where you don’t need to heat the entire house. Instead, you just need an individual heater to bring in some warmth to a room.  This is far more cost effective, not to mention energy efficient.

But which storage heating system is right for you? Our Ring Electric team can directly compare some systems and show you why ECOMBI storage heaters are your best option. 

Static Storage Heater

A static storage heater charges itself during an off peak charging period. It then releases heat when requested. It doesn’t have a fan forced heating method of pushing out the heat, so it warms the immediate area and allows the natural flow of air in the room to move it. This results in a cut in electricity consumption by around 15% over other storage heating options.

Fan-Forced Storage Heater

A fan forced storage heater is also known as a dynamic storage heater. This is because it works in a similar way to the traditional fan, only there is a heating core at the center of it. This helps push heat out further, which in turn helps heat a room faster. The overall design of the fan forced storage heater allows for energy good?? savings.

ECOMBI Storage Heaters

The ECOMBI storage heater is designed to focus more on the energy loading aspect of the heater in order to help reduce the amount of energy it consumes both while in use and when not in use. With most storage heaters (as mentioned above), the units produce the same amount of heat and consume the same amount of energy, regardless of the room size.

ECOMBI Saves You More!

However, ECOMBI storage heaters adjust to the size of the room. This way, it does not use more energy than needed in order to heat the room. This optimizes the heater and allows you to save more money than the other heating options. You can save up to 30% on your energy bill with ECOMBI.

Ring Electric

When it comes to ECOMBI storage heaters, all you need to do is turn to the professionals at Ring Electric for all of your storage heating needs and questions. Please contact Ring Electric today for more product information.