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When you were a kid, if someone had told you that when you grew up you’d plug your car into your house at night to recharge its batteries, you probably would have laughed. You might have even asked if that same car could fly you to your friend’s house, or cook your dinner.

Even though flying cars are still the stuff of children’s dreams, more and more Canadians are plugging in their cars to electric chargers at night.

Because the City of Ottawa has only three free local charging stations (at city hall, as well as in the Glebe Parking Garage at 170 Second Avenue, and at the John G. Mlacak Community Centre in Kanata), most people who own electric vehicles want the best set-up possible to charge them at home.

Ring Electric owner Bryan Verhulp says his company installs electric vehicle chargers regularly around the nation’s capital – often two a week. It makes sense, since the popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles continues to grow year after year. In fact, when Statistics Canada compared electric vehicle sales from the first nine months of 2017 to that same time period in 2016, purchases jumped 56 percent.

Getting an electric vehicle charger installed near your car doesn’t take long. From that first phone call, Ring Electric can usually install within two weeks. Once the team arrives at your home, it only takes two or three hours. Ideally, the client supplies the charger — most prefer to purchase a level-two device that can fully charge the car in about three hours.

You might be surprised to learn that it’s best if the chargers aren’t hardwired into the house. Even though that may sound strange, it makes sense: if something goes awry with the charging device, it can easily be unplugged and sent back to the manufacturer for repairs – a convenience that becomes particularly attractive if the charger is still covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Aside from hundreds of dollars in fuel savings, the owners of electric vehicles can also save money by applying for a rebate of up to $1000 for their new at-home charging station under the Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s electric vehicle charging incentive program. But to get the rebate, your installation must be done by a professionally licensed electrical contractor.

When homeowners hire someone other than a licensed electrician to install the outlet for the charger, they risk overloading their home’s electrical service. This can lead to destroying the wiring in the house, or worse, a fire. And good luck getting financial compensation from your home insurance provider if something goes wrong.

“All these things add up,” says Bryan. “You don’t mess with this stuff.”

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